Sarah Albutt

Becoming an event planner is something I’ve always dreamed of doing. I began my career at Sudeley in September 2017 and it’s been the most rewarding, challenging and exciting time creating beautiful weddings and events.

My favourite event has been a corporate Christmas party with a Narnia theme, from snow machines to a walkthrough wardrobe, acrobats to ice sculptures it was a fantastic event.

I also assist couples with the organisation of their wedding. My passion for wedding organising grows with each couple I get the pleasure of working with. Weddings should be as unique as each couple and the feeling you get after a wedding knowing that you helped turn a dream into a reality is amazing.

Aside from creating events and weddings, there’s nothing I love more than playing sports and being outdoors especially taking the dogs for a walk. I grew up on a family farm and still help when I can.

Credit: Dan Morris Photography

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