Philippa Langley MBE unveiled a plaque in front of the Richard III ruins at Sudeley Castle watched on by Sir David Suchet on Monday 15th April.

During her time at the castle, Philippa captivated audiences as she shared findings from her 7-year investigation into one of history’s most enduring historic mysteries, The Princes in the Tower.

The connection between Sudeley Castle and Richard III, who history has held responsible for the murder of the two princes, was commemorated with the unveiling of a plaque in front of the Richard III ruins. Philippa explained in her talk how the castle was a base for Richard III during the Wars of the Roses and came into his possession twice within his lifetime. First when he was Duke of Gloucester in 1469, and again in 1483 when Richard acceded to the throne.

Philippa's new book, The Princes in the Tower, examines Richard’s most famous alleged crime: the murder of his two nephews

More than 100 people came to the sold-out talk including actor Sir David Suchet, best known for playing one of the most celebrated detectives, Hercule Poirot! Hosted by Lady Ashcombe within the castle walls, the evening followed Philippa’s televised series with Rob Rinder and the publication of her book ‘The Princes in the Tower: Solving History’s Greatest Cold Case’.

‘The return of King-finder Philippa Langley to Sudeley Castle is cause for celebration and intrigue!

The evening shared findings from her extraordinary 7-year cold case investigation and one of history’s most enduring mysteries which is linked to the castle not only through Richard III who owned Sudeley twice over, but through our Secret Queen Eleanor Butler, née Talbot, who also lived at Sudeley, and to whom Edward IV’s marriage made the prince’s lineage illegitimate – Philippa’s extraordinary journey and years of determined research made for a fascinating night to remember!’

-Elizabeth, Lady Ashcombe

The beautifully carved, waist-height wooden plaque was designed to allow the plaque to stand in pride of place in the Banqueting Hall for Sudeley's many visitors to read and admire. It was designed and built by Gary Sharratt a specialist in carpentry from whose family has worked on the Sudeley estate for generations. The wood used is from an ancient, storm-damaged cedar tree on the estate and was specially treated to bring out the grain.

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