Sudeley was once a royal residence, closely associated with some of the most famous English monarchs, including Edward IV, Richard III, Henry VIII, Lady Jane Grey, Katherine Parr, Elizabeth I and Charles I.

The Castle was even home to a secret Queen of England, Eleanor Boteler, whose royal status was unknown for centuries.

Modern-day visitors can explore the original 15th century west wing of the Castle and its fascinating exhibition rooms, before visiting the east wing which is home to a number of stunning rooms, still occasionally in use by the family today.

The South Hall contains a sweeping staircase as well as fine panels of Dutch painted glass, one section dated 1580 and the other 1620. At the top of the stairs is an iconic Elizabethan painting – The Allegory of the Tudor Succession. The renowned artwork was created by Flemish artist, Lucas de Heere, and depicts Henry VIII, his three children, and Queen Mary’s husband, Phillip of Spain. It was commissioned in 1572 and celebrates the harmony established by Queen Elizabeth.

The artwork was purchased by former Sudeley Castle owner, John Coucher Dent, at the sale of the collection of Horace Walpole at Strawberry Hill in 1842, but it has been in the care of the National Museum of Wales since 1991. This painting is one of Sudeley's greatest treasures and can be found at the top of the staircase in South Hall.

Find out more about this piece of historic artwork in this short film featuring historian, Dr David Starkey

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