Explore Sudeley Castle’s Animal Ark for a local safari adventure this summer

Visitors to Sudeley Castle will encounter a plethora of wildlife in our Animal Ark reserve area, where habitats from Kenya, China, Tibet, India and even the North Pole have been evoked for life-sized animal sculptures.

Wildlife encounters include lions, yaks, rhino, pandas, wolves, hippo each two-by-two pair is handmade from flowers, petals and natural materials, The Animal Ark zone is an educational experience which carries a message about modern day threats and challenges facing animals all over the world and stories of how other communities are managing to coexist with wildlife. A journey through the Animal Ark zone includes close encounters with a herd of magnificent Asian elephants, each member of the herd is based on real, wild elephant and has been skilfully recreated by indigenous communities in India, with whom the real life herd coexist.

The Animal Ark experience takes you across continents and ends with British wildlife, including a two giant large blue butterflies an extra large lady bird which join Sudeley’s existing supersized hedgehog. These native species represent the push to replenish what we have lost and the work of local organisations including Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust and Winchcombe Green Town who Sudeley supports.

Lakeside views can be enjoyed in the Birdsong Garden, within the Animal Ark Zone. Immerse yourself in delightful musical composition of British birdsong by English acoustic ecologist and conservationist, Cosmo Sheldrake, created especially for visitors to Sudeley Castle.

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